Why Mike ONeill Photography?

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Real Estate

Professional Real Estate photography connects Knoxville clients and agents. Real Estate photography is all about selling a lifestyle, showing clients the lifestyle they can own.  The National Association of Realtors, says home buyers make decisions based on impressions they develop while searching for an agent, Its been shown that 80% of homebuyers begin their home search on the internet.  Making great impressions with your web site is very important, it can make a sell or turn the buyer away.  Professional Real Estate photography is the best way to create that connection between agent and buyer, it's the best way to bring in the people.  Professional Real Estate photography provides faster home sales and for a much better price.

Mike ONeill is a Knoxville Real Estate Photographer, my job is to provide professional real estate photography that will stimulate an interest and get Knoxville's clients to your listings.

When we make your business work, then my business works.  We both win!

Rowdy Grainger, Warehouse Manager for Slumberger oil services in Oklahoma City, OK

Rowdy Grainger, Warehouse Manager for Slumberger oil services in Oklahoma City, OK



Photography touches all of our lives, it captures our imagination and peaks our interest, it will cause us to pause, to look and wonder about the story the picture captures.  Events photography is a view of the events of our lives, it's a visual perception of life, real people, services offered or maybe an Illustration of a news story for an article in a magazine; maybe its just a picture of a person, or a business store front. 

Mike ONeill Photography provides Commercial and Event photography, photography that helps generate interest, helps connect clients with businesses — it helps tell your story.

Mike ONeill

I've been providing photography for clients for over 30 years; much of my experience has been studio, newspaper and magazine editorial work, my responsibilities included editorial, marketing, and sports photography for a local Houston newspaper.

My experience includes several years providing editorial photography for an international oil services companies’ in-house magazine; cover images and other images to accompany different editorial articles and stories were a large part of my responsibilities.

I've won awards for my marketing photography and I’ve been published in some national and International magazines.  For the last several years I’ve been furnishing real estate photography to both real estate and the custom home builders industry in Knoxville, TN.

I’ve always felt it my responsibility to help my clients, good professional photography helps my clients be successful and in turn provides me great satisfaction.

Mike O'Neill

Mike O'Neill, photographer

Mike O'Neill, photographer