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Knoxville Professional Real Estate Photography

Knoxville Professional Real Estate Commercial Photography

I’ve been a professional photographer for a lot of my life, it’s been a wonderful show. My business has taken me to many places. I‘ve photographed for newspapers, magazines and advertising projects. I‘ve photographed lots of kids, some celebrities and many executives.

The digital world of photography advancements of recent years, and with the internet, has really opened up the real estate and commercial photography industry, its provided better access to high-quality digital photography for the buyers in an affordable price range and with only just a simple mouse click of a button.


I ran my real estate and commercial photography business from Katy Texas, just outside of Houston, for several years. A few years ago we moved everything to Knoxville, and East Tennessee.

I’ve always centered my business on the needs of my clients. I believe in helping my customers who have come to me to partnership to help with their needs. This helps me grow as a photographer and as a person. I work very hard to bring my personal style and the best quality to each and every job I do. With a sense of my own personality, I’m dedicated to my clients to develop the vision they want.

What We Provide for You

Mike ONeill Photography was formed to help our clients be more successful in their business. We offer a full-screen, state-of-the-art, HD presentation; mobile devices optimized and Branded to your Business Name. Included is a weekly status report (emailed every Friday), 24/7 agent access, a free YouTube video, and a presentation with Branded and Non-Branded links. Marketed to your buyers and investors. And More…