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Photographer's Staging Check-List

A  Sellers version of this Getting the  Home Ready Check List is available free for Email on the Schedule a Session page

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Professional photography is a great start to getting your home sold. Making a good impression is what selling a property is all about. The first view of the property will likely be on the internet, professional real estate photography is a specialty kind of photography, Mike ONeill has many years experience and will take care to show your home in the best images possible.

You want the viewings of your home to show how well your home has been taken care of. You'll want your home to be neat and tidy...and look Great, That’s what will help get your home sold!

This checklist is provided as a courtesy for you to provide a standard of how to prepare your home for showings. This list is only a Suggested Guide of steps to take that will help make a great impression and make your property Look Great! Your home has to make a great impression with viewers; remember each viewer is a Possible Buyer.

=>  60 Minutes Before Photo shoot

  • Do Not Leave Vehicles in Drive Way at Time of Shoot
  • Ensure ALL Weapons are Pit and Locked Away!
  • Let the Light In, Let Fresh Air In, make home smells Homey! turn on your Scented Oil Plug-Ins
  • Make sure the temperature is comfortable for visitors
  • Set Kitchen Dining Table as for a Family Dinner.
  • Place wine glasses and wine bottle on kitchen counter
  • Make sure All Picture Frames, etc. are Level.
  • Are ALL Seasonal decorations removed?
  • Out of whack pictures make Rooms seem out of whack!
  • Open all blinds Flat, We want to see the Outside!
  • Ensure paper towels rolls and toilet paper rolls are a FULL roll.
  • Turn on ALL lights, check for burned outs!
  • Turn off TV, computer screen should have a nice picture on it
  • Ensure pets & children will not be in the way
  • I love the Pets and Children, just not in the pictures


General Areas:

  • De-Personalize your home
  • De-clutter ALL Areas! Paint Where Needed!
  • Remove Seasonal decorations, don’t date your listing!
  • Make sure all your pictures, floor lamps, lamp shades and wall hangings are all hanging level, out-of-whack makes home look "Not Taken Care Of"
  • Replace all light bulbs burned out and replace with matching bulbs. Working Lights Are Very Important!
  • Clean all windows inside and outside
  • Tidy or Hide all electrical cords & cables
  • Remove Cob Webs, Dust all Areas,
  • Install Scented Oil Plug-Ins

living Areas:

  •  De-clutter/Remove toys, fans, game consoles, etc.
  • Remove Exercise bikes/equipment
  • Arrange DVDs, games, books neatly in shelves
  • Clean ceiling fans, Light switches, other Wall Plates
  • Clean, Polish, Lubricate Sliding Doors

Kitchen and Dining Areas:

  • Clean and put away all dishes/cutlery
  • De-clutter Sink Area, counters and all small appliances
  • Remove detergents, dish clothes, dish rack, towels
  • Clean Sink Area, and all Back Splashes & Range Hoods Especially if stainless steel!
  • Clean Top of Refrigerator
  • Ensure Range hood lights are working
  • De-Personalize the Fridge Remove all objects from fridge, e.g. magnets, photos
  • Remove bins and pet bowls
  • Ensure paper towels rolls have a FULL ROLL!
  • At Time of Shoot: Set Kitchen Dinner Table as for Dinner to create a At-Home atmosphere


  •  De-clutter and De-Personalize All Bedrooms.
  • Clear away all clothes - Remove personal items
  • Ensure All Bedroom lamps are working!  Working Lights Are Very Important!
  • Remove posters/stickers from walls, Make sure All Picture Frames are Level



  • De-clutter Vanity Counter and all appliances
  • Remove All soaps, shampoos, face washing cloths, toys, scales, bins, etc
  • Ensure All Towels Match and Look Fresh
  • Remove All tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, hair dryers, etc
  • Clean/Polish All glass and Mirrors, Mirrors - Shower glass should be spotless!
  • Remove toilet cleaning utensils, Seats down
  • Replace Shower Curtains that Need To Be Replaced, Clean Shower Grout!

Outside Areas, Pool and Spa and Patio areas:

  • Clean around the outside area of your home
  • Yard Should Look Neat and Well Kept - Give a good impression!
  • Remove All gardening equipment from yard & store away - e.g. hoses, rakes, wheel barrows
  • Rake/sweep up leaves, sticks, papers, tidy garden (e.g. weeds)
  • Clear All Yard Debris - this means Dog Poo
  • Don’t forget the side areas
  • Replace, Repair, Paint /Varnish any Damaged Areas
  • Pressure clean driveway and paved areas. - Makes a great impression!
  • Remove washing and clothes pens from clothes line
  • Ensure all toys are put away
  • Remove All pool cleaners and poles
  • Clean Around pool area, remove leaves, debris, etc
  • Arrange patio furniture as a Summer-Time Pool Party
  • Remove All pool Toys
If you have any questions about this checklist, contact:
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