Real Estate Agents & Social Media Marketing

Today’s Knoxville real estate listings are put right into the palm of your hand.  In the recent past, and and a few others weren’t around to provide listing information, real estate agents were the primary source, and they only cared about reaching the buyer's agents and not the average home buyer.  With the advancements in technologies, agents can now market directly to the consumer.  Social media marketing trends have become the essence that some agents should have become comfortable with, but, reports only about 29% of agents really feel comfortable with social media.

Real estate agents really need to work at becoming more comfortable with social media marketing, it's reported that only 9% of real estate agents actually share their listings with social media sites; a direct link to potential buyers that really works well in the driving of awareness that leads to an interest with potential clients. Social media is a connection to the people; the audience where 72% of adults are active on social media sites like Facebook.

Social media is an ever-changing medium, the main requirement: all the content needs to be good, be useful and up-to-the-minute information for the reader, sharing the latest advancements and trends in photography and video can assure that your social media profile stands out and finds the audience you want.

Building your online reputation should be the most important reason to use social media to build your business, providing quality content is the best way to stand out from other agents and position yourself as an industry expert.  Real estate photography is an excellent media to use to engage your audience, it creates an emotional connection and gives the impression of providing special treatment, it provides clients a feeling of being inside the listing and it can generate more inquiries.

Digital photography has become the requirement in real estate marketing, photography captures a listings’ personality and is a showcase for its character, it allows clients to navigate properties as if they were actually there, making it easier to relate to the listing.  Real estate photography is more likely to generate a higher price per square foot, will receive on average 61% more attention and spend fewer days on the market.  Photography is surprisingly influential with a power to lure in clients or even turn them away. 

Finding and using social media properly is a great way for real estate agents to grow their business and strengthen their online reputation positioning themselves as an industry expert, keeps your readers interested and engaged in your postings and makes it a lot easier to attract new clients.

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