Real Estate Agents and Professional Photography Working Together

After all my years of being a real estate photographer, I still get excited about going to shoot a new listing. This is especially true when the real estate agent has been working with their client and staging the property so its best qualities show well. This makes my work much easier, and it also helps the real estate agent by providing a property that’s ready to show, which makes them look more professional. Most buyers are looking for properties that are move-in ready. A house that’s ready for its next owner has the inviting atmosphere that buyers naturally connect with and makes them feel they’re at home as soon as they walk through the door. If the professional photographer and agent have been working together, this is where the plan comes together.

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Almost all new home searches begin on the internet. Everything a buyer could want is displayed to them. The online experience is designed to create the most favorable impression and make them want to see the property in person—and then buy. Real estate agents spend much of their time and their money marketing their listings. Experienced agents already know the pictures they want. They know which pictures will make a great impression and sell their listing, and they probably already know who can deliver the best real estate photography. The agent and photographer can work together to produce images that entice clients to go see the property and put an offer on the table. It’s perfect when a professional real estate agent and a professional real estate photographer join forces; they can combine talents to make the marketing process work the way it should and contribute to each other’s success.

Agents already know, or should know, that professional real estate photography makes a big difference. A Redfin study found that professionally photographed homes sell up to, on average, three weeks faster than those photographed by the non-professional photographers or even the agents themselves, and are more likely to sell for above listing prices. It only makes sense for an agent to use a photographer they like to work with, a photographer they can partner with to make the sale.

A professional real estate photographer’s job is to make listings look awesome. Together with an agent they know and work with on regular assignments, they can produce listings that stand out from other agents’ listings. Both the agent and the photographer will gain a more valuable reputation that can make them the agent to call and the photographer to hire when it comes to selling real estate.

The questions from this blog:

Are you working well with your photographer? 

Does your photographer know which pictures will sell the listing?

Do agents know what it is you want from the photography session? Have you worked with other photographers to see if they’re a better fit?

Are you wasting your time with a photographer who is not a good fit for you?

Selling real estate is a team sport. You work with others agents in your office; you should work with a photographer who shares your design with your marketing plan.


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