Much Ado about Real Estate Photography


Looking for information about a home to buy isn’t hard. Internet searches give buyers a lot of information in seconds. However, home-buying information has become a clutter of data simply dropped onto the Internet. As a realtor, what can you do make your listings grab home buyers’ attention? The answer: make sure you show your property online before your buyers walk through the door.

More than 89% of home buyers use computers and mobile devices to begin their new home search. The Internet is central to the home-buying process, which makes real estate photography the main component to attract buyers. Good professional photography makes it easy to decide to visit that property both online and in person.  

Professional real estate photography brings more attention to your listings. A professionally photographed home will sell faster, and it will sell at a higher price. The National Association of Realtors (NAR, found that the listings with professional photography generate an average of 140% more Internet interest than similar homes with pictures created with point-and-shoot cameras and cell phone photography. NAR also says that only about half of all real estate properties include photographs by professional photographers.

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Every year Knoxville real estate agents deal with more competition from new agents entering the profession. The real estate game is not easy to win. Our technological world not only demands consumer convenience, but also demands a professional Internet presence. Successful Knoxville realtors meet the expectations of a typical online shopping experience—just like buying from an online store.

The business of real estate is more about getting clients than about selling properties. Real estate agents who enhance their marketing by using a photographer who specializes in real estate marketing will have a leading edge. High-quality pictures separate agents who are in the game from those who are on the sidelines. The payoff is bringing clients to you.


Mike O’Neill Photography provides pictures that add to the “wow factor” of your listings online and in print. Mike is a real estate marketing specialist who delivers beautiful images of your buyer’s next home.

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