A Contrast in Branding

A Reflection of your Brand

Professional real estate photography can really make a big difference in property marketing and most certainly determines how quick listings sell or sit on the market. The marketing photography that a real estate agent provides can brand them as a professional or non-professional. Either way, it is a reflection of your personal brand.

An Effective Way to Grow your Busines

Your clients will be impressed when they see you making the extra effort to sell their property quickly and efficiently. But too many agents cut corners. They try to save a few dollars and take their own photographs by using their cell phones or point-and-shoot cameras. These unprofessional tools can have a very negative effect on your brand. (https://thenextweb.com/creativity/2017/04/09/personal-brand-deserves-high-quality-photography/#.tnw_QAWwW6n2)  The quality of these images can give clients the impression that you’re not very interested in marketing their property. I don’t really have to say, this often paves the way to dissatisfaction and leaves them less likely to refer you to their friends or family, but it can. (And we all know that client referrals are an effective way to grow your business—you can’t miss these opportunities!)

Buyers will recognize unprofessional photography, which can slow down the selling process. The next thing you know, your sellers will think they’re not receiving the service they expected. With so many real estate agents to choose from in the Knoxville area, a good plan is to show your clients that you have more to offer than the rest.  Showcasing clients’ homes with professional real estate photography will help you to stand out from other agents, and it will convince your clients that you provide excellent service.

Conveying the Beauty and Benefits

The home seller may sometimes need to take the initiative to invigorate their agent’s marketing efforts. The listing may be a beautiful property; but if the pictures don’t show it at its best, be prepared to let that “For Sale” sign stay planted in the ground for a while. So if your seller asks you to engage a professional photographer, embrace the opportunity to use someone who has the skills to convey the beauty and benefits of the home in pictures that will catch the eye of a potential buyer.  

In Knoxville, TN’s competitive real estate market, professional pictures mean the difference between a property that sells quickly and at a higher price versus one that doesn’t move and sells below value. In this very real sense, time *is* money!