Should real estate agents hire a photographer?

“You’re really doing the sellers a disservice if you don’t have first-class, top notch photographs.”

Someone who has decided to look for a new home to purchase started their search sitting in front of a computer looking at the images a professional real estate photographer spent time creating. This is the moment where the real estate agents marketing plan began to work.  Everyday, home buyers connect with real estate agents who understood that their marketing plan had better include professional real estate photography, the photographs to show off their listing.  Visual content is the accepted best way to showcase real estate listings, it gives prospective buyers a sense of being there, and provides information a buyer can use in their decision process.

Professional real estate photographers understand what their job is, they know they are there to make the listing look its absolute best; that good photography attracts more eyes to the listings and that leads to more connections and sales.  

One article, published in Featured Agent Magazine discusses the service professional real estate photographers provide, how photographers will save agents valuable time, how well the photographers know how to deal with technologies and deliver a professional product, making a home look absolutely beautiful.

“Hiring a professional photographer for listings is a must”




Sea Nest, coastal cottage home plan. Archiscapes, Freeport, FL. Tim Kramer Photography.Published November 26, 2015