Word of Mouth, a Team Sport,  would it work for you?

Referral marketing or Word of Mouth advertising is one of the best ways to build-up your business for new clients, the Real estate industry has always urged clients to suggest them to their friends and neighbors to support their real estate services. 

I work with real estate agents as a professional real estate photographer; we work as a team when one of my Knoxville agents receives a referral, it may mean I will also get work, client referrals is one of the best marketing tools available for us, not to mention, most business owners.

Heres a few referrals marketing techniques you might adopt to pick up more real estate leads and new clients.

Just Ask

Asking your friends to refer you to their family members or their friends, ask, “If you have liked my services, please consider recommending me to your friends who may need real estate services.” Being yourself when you request referrals will help. It will surprise you how many will help you. Another place to ask is on your website, your blogs, marketing flyers, even on a business card.

Gifts in return

If an agent will refer you to another agent for work, show them how much you appreciate it, either a thank-you card or better — a thank-you card and gift or leaving a thank-you card and a gift; appreciation can be golden and could lead to the referrals your wanting.


A monthly Newsletter is an excellent way to stay connected with your clients, helpful informative articles can be priceless and may get them to refer their special agent to their friends who need help selling their home.

Client Rewards

Another great way to stay connected with your clients might be to offer future discounts for your services, a money card, even a gift certificate to a local shop to thank them for referring you to someone you ended up helping.

Contest Giveaways

A contest is always a fun way to increase attention for your social media post, awarding a gift card to a local restaurant or an Amazon.com money card can provide incentives and shows your appreciation.

Facebook Post

You can create a “referral culture” by posting thank-you post on how new clients get rewards for referral help, show appreciation for the help.

Referral marketing is the oldest and the most productive form of marketing, it’s the widest technique used because it works, people appreciate hearing how well a product or service has worked, from someone they know.

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I’ve worked as a photographer for a good part of my life. I’ve been in Knoxville, TN since 2007 with my real estate photography and commercial photography business, I’m always eager to suggest someone who can be of help to someone who needs it. If you need a commercial photographer or real estate photographer services or if you know someone who does, please call me I will appreciate it.

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