Tell Me Again, Why Do I Need A Real Estate Photographer?

Smartphone cameras are useful to have. A camera right in your shirt pocket makes it easy for real estate agents to take their own property listing photos. Hiring a professional real estate photographer is an added expense, and, you’ll be much more successful!

According to, 92% of homebuyers begin their search on the internet when starting a new home search. Homebuyers will get their first real impression looking at listings. Good photography makes home buyers want to see the property.

Real Estate Agents and Professional Photography Working Together

Bad photography makes buyers move on to the next listing, you’ll decrease the value of your property by NOT using good photography, instead use an experienced professional real estate photographer, they know how to make the property view its best and motivates buyers to get in touch for a closer view.

A professional photographer will be well worth the price. Here are 5 reasons not to use your cell phone for taking pictures. 

Your home will sell faster and for more money 

Listings that use professional photography will sell 32% faster than those that do not. And, listings that use high-quality photography receive 47% higher asking price per square foot. 

A real estate photographer understands composition

A good photo needs composition, much as a painting does. It’s not only about what’s included in the frame, but what’s excluded. A pro will know how to frame a photo to draw a buyer’s eye to the selling features while keeping their attention away from anything less than desirable. 

Photo editing is important

A professional photographer will know how to enhance colors, remove unwanted elements, scuffs on the walls, or the owner’s chihuahua who wandered into the shot. 

Lighting can make or break a photo

It takes years for a real estate photographer to develop an eye for lighting placement. Placing the right lights in the right place at the right time makes a ho-hum house view like a grand palace and catch the eye of a buyer scrolling through listings photos

Professional photography makes YOU look good

The real estate agents who use professionals come across more professional and are way ahead of their competition; they know it’s not all about selling a home, it’s more about selling more homes and getting more referrals and they know they must take the best care of their clients.

Knoxville real estate agents know to put away there iPhone and hire a professional real estate photographer. they know it’s an investment that is well worth the money!