Real Estate Photography, what it was

Knoxville professional photographers have always had a variety of creative directions to go after, working photographers will have defined, developed and after a few hours of repeated practice, refined a specialty into what they consider their specialty.

Real estate photography is a specialty

Real estate photography differs some what from other photography specialities, the pieces that make-up the final image, the furniture, a couch, the bookshelves, will always be fixed in place, you can‘t move them about, but other pieces are moveable, chairs, small tables, small lamps can be moved to satisfy the composition and the real estate agent.

Tell Me Again, Why Do I Need A Real Estate Photographer?

Every year, real estate agents are wanting better photography for their listings, they are realizing cell phones aren’t the best for photographing anymore, in the last few years, there has been a reorganization in the industry towards better photography, and it seems to be becoming the model for the future of real estate photography.

“things in real estate are changing, to be sure.” - Jarred Kessler

Photographers have been specializing in providing better real estate photographs to their clients, and they’ve been providing fast, quality results, and at more reasonable prices.

Photography is significant to the home buyer, they want to see the images of the properties they want to buy, and they expect these images to be shown to them, and in the fashion they expect.

Real estate has always been a photographic subject, and for a few recent years now, It‘s how home buyers expect to see the homes to buy, Photography is all around us, it on billboards, in magazines, television, the internet and social media sites every day of our lives.

It’s how home buyers, using smartphones, tablets and home computers will sit at home and decide if they want to go see a property.

“photographs have been an incredibly important part of the real estate industry, particularly since listings became readily available online through MLS and other private listing sites. Great photography is one of the cornerstones of a successful listing, and it helps buyers to make the right decision, too. From remarkably high resolutions on digital cameras to drone technology, the constant advancement in imaging capabilities that has occurred over the past couple decades is bound to continue.” - Jarred Kessler

Agents have to pay attention

Real estate agents need some education when they’re buying real estate photography. They need to know something about what goes into the work. They need to know what to ask for from the photographer they’ve hired, and what to expect from him or her. It would be good to know the time it takes for finishing the job, and the equipment needed to produce the quality photography that they should expect to get.

A real estate agents’ have-to

An internet on-line presence, with photography showing their listings is expected of real estate agents, in fact, its a have-to for sucess or their failure, its essential for generating new leads and clients for their business, and paying a lot of attention to SEO for their site is very important.

Agents should have their own website. Home buyers want to see photographs of listings. They’ll want information, a few funs facts, neighborhood statistics of areas they’re interested in, schools and shopping info. You’ll get higher conversion rates, increased sales and a lead-in to segway a introduction of your services. It‘s worth the time and money to set-up a professional website.


Todays home buyers are image motivated, baby boomers out number millennials; that‘s who you have to play to. Digital advantages has made it to easy to show real estate photography on your web site that your losing if you don’t. It takes just a couple seconds to make the impression you have to make, or buyers will move on to your neighbor if you don’t.

“Today’s real estate technology is essentially the primary vehicle investors use to gather information on a particular market.”   Than Merrill, Knoxville, TN