Reasons to Hire a Commercial Photographer in Knoxville, TN

Professional grade commercial photography tells the client’s story by translating emotions into pictures. It takes an expert commercial photographer to bring out the essence of a company and its vision. 

There are many reasons to hire a professional commercial photographer to convey your Knoxville's company story, but this article will cover the most important ones.

Photographs Strengthen Brand
Professional photographs can build and strengthen your brand. Sleek photos can make your social media presence, brochures, and website stand out from the rest. Professional imagery must resonate with your customers and be consistent and in line with your brand identity. A commercial photographer will make sure that the photos best represent your business and are aligned with your company’s brand identity.

Enhanced Vision
Secondly, commercial photography enhances your vision. A good commercial photographer will be able to capture things you may overlook, and they can make suggestions for better shots. They are much like an artist and have an eye for building the perfect shot. In an initial consultation, you’ll discuss your company’s vision and how the photographer can build upon it. 

Lighting techniques
One of the ways you can tell a professional photograph from an amateur one is the use of light. There’s so much to say about lighting techniques and their role in successful photography. Mastering lighting techniques take years of experience in both studio and outdoor settings. A professional grade photographer can adjust camera settings quickly based on changing light conditions. A commercial photographer will know how the camera and light interact, and they are especially adept at supplementing natural lighting with their own lighting effects.

Professional Imagery Attracts Customers
Poor quality images can send customers running from your website. Why is that? Because they see your website as unprofessional or amateurish, so naturally they think your business is, too. Have you ever perused the aisle of your local bookstore and come across a poorly designed self-published book? The cover may have blurry pixilation or images that just seem “off.” Such a book cover turns off potential customers because they suspect the author did as good a job on their writing as they did on their cover. 

That’s not the message you want to send about your company. You don’t want your company’s brand to sing “amateur,” so why risk it by using an employee who is a budding but not yet a professional photographer? Remember, images in your marketing literature or on your company website are a reflection of your business.

Professional Photography Improves Content
A way to make your content “pop” and attract customers to your content is to display professional images throughout your online and offline articles. This is especially true for large corporations with a huge online presence. Readers tend to skip articles without photographs. If they see blocks upon blocks of content without photographs to break up the text, they stop reading and move onto another site. You certainly don’t want this to happen. 

Also, professional grade photographs make the content easier to read because they inform the reader of the content. They reinforce the idea that is being conveyed in the content. When a customer stays on your site longer, the greater the chance they will convert to paying customers. This is why a professional commercial photographer can help you and your brand.

Mike ONeill Photography has been providing quality commercial photography since 2007. He offers both commercial and real estate photography to the Knoxville area. Mike ONeill has 40+ years of experience and numerous awards and accolades credited to his talent for capturing professional imagery in commercial and real estate photography. 

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