Being a Knoxville, TN Real Estate Agent & Property Staging

A good real estate agent or broker is a valuable resource.  Agents know the mortgage brokers, inspectors, a good handyman, the neighborhood area, and sometimes even other listings that the rest of the public does not.  And then there’s all the contracts and other legal matters to keep in order. It’s a lot of work!


Agents also help the seller understand the reality of selling their home, the work involved in getting the home ready, and in a condition that will impress home buyers when the property is first seen, which will probably be on the Internet. Getting to that point requires a few steps. People will want to see what the property looks like, so this means professional photography. But before photographing the property, there is staging to be done, preparing the listing for sale. (

It only takes a quick glance--three seconds--and a prospective buyer forms an opinion of what the property means to them. Those three seconds will make a lasting impression. A realtor’s success may very well depend on a three-second viewing  ( As a professional real estate photographer, I’ve gone into a home many times to find the home has not been well kept, is not clean, areas have not been picked up, beds are not made, dirty dishes are left in the sink or still on the table. Basically, I’ve walked into an unkempt house. The property was not staged. This is where realtors and real estate photographers can give their sellers some very valuable advice.

Staging can produce such good results for the home seller. A staged home will photograph better and make the home look like it’s just waiting for its new family. When staging and professionally photographed listings are used together, they compliment one another. The property will shine, creating a beautiful home showing.


Staging is best done by professionals, but home owners can do their own staging. There are many resources on the Internet explaining how to stage a home to sell. Staging should not be focused on the seller's personal taste and needs, but on making the home appeal to a broad range of buyers. The basic idea of staging is for buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the home as it’s presented and wanting to buy it.  (

Here in Knoxville, when I photograph a home that is for sale, I’m expecting to see that it is neat and organized. This means the home has been cleaned thoroughly; living areas are picked up, and beds are made. This means at least some staging effort has been made. I like a table set as if for an evening meal, to emphasize this home is waiting for you. Another small but important thing is to have window blinds open (or flat) to bring in the outside. This allows me to create a more comfortable, natural lighting as I photograph the home. These are just some of the ways staging can help show off your listings. I’m on the job to help Knoxville sellers show off their property, and this helps the agent get that awesome three-second viewing that will help sell the property quicker and for more money. (