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Some truth on Professional Commercial photography in Knoxville, TN

OK...Imagine you’re wanting to buy a used car. You look through the want-ads and find a couple of cars your interested in. They're exactly the same year, the color is the same, both have a full-service history and both have exactly the same miles.  They are exactly the same car and at exactly the same price.  As you look at the photographs, you notice:

One of the cars has been cleaned and polished inside and out. There's a number of pictures showing the exterior, interior, wheels, back of the car, front seats, back seats, every conceivable angle is covered with bright, crisp clear professional looking images.

But, the other car has just one picture; the outside of the car. It’s a little dusty, the wheels have mud on them and you can’t see it very well as the photograph is a little dark and the car is quite small in the image.

Now, which car would you buy?
Be honest, you’d go and look at the well-presented car.

Every potential customer, a client that sees your images, whether it's on your website, in a brochure, printed on a business card or flyer, they will use these images to make decisions on whether they will or will not hire you. 

Mike ONeill Commercial Photography can help those potential customers make a right decision, our photography services have been providing high-quality photography in the Knoxville, TN area since 2007, and with photography services that come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

There are so many ways we can help you present your brand at its absolute best with our commercial photography services. For many years, Mike ONeill photography has helped businesses increase their revenue and maximize sales, by helping with the whole commercial marketing process for many satisfied clients.

How Mike ONeill Photography can help you.

Commercial Photography:
Mike can take high-quality commercial photography for your use in all of your online and printed literature. Whether you’re looking to run an advertisement, having a corporate brochure or leaflet printed or the redesigning of your website, Mike would be happy to help you with high-quality professional photography to ensure that your message is on point and your customers see the value in your service.

Selling a product: 
As well as having some amazing photography of your product, Mike can provide you with product photography that can help explain how your product is used; with detail shots and close ups of your product in action. Utilising Professional grade commercial photography, your customers will know all about your product and how it works. Avoiding confusion and building trust means they are more likely to buy from you.

Portrait photography:
"Customers Don’t Buy From People They Like, They Buy From Those They Trust".  According to Forbes, clients are more likely to trust and buy from you if you include images of your team, some head-shot images on your website.

With professional photography of you and your team, your customers will build a rapport with you before they’ve even contacted you. 

Commercial photography helps your business
Whatever stage you’re at in your business, Mike ONeill commercial photography in Knoxville, Tn CAN help you. Great quality professional commercial photography will help improve your sales, will make your customers trust you and your product. These, in turn, will help drive and grow your company.

If you need any help with your commercial marketing… Whether you’re at the beginning, if you're creating a marketing plan or if you’re already there and just need some great quality photography, get in touch with Mike ONeill Photography today, he’ll be happy to help you and your business grow. 

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