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"I recommend Mike every chance I can!"

Susan Calabrese, Realtor  CSP       Realty Executives Associates


Mike ONeill Photography has been providing professional real estate listing photography in Knoxville, TN for over 10 years. He has always felt it is his responsibility to help his clients with their real estate marketing by providing good professional real estate photography.  Mike has a varied background that includes studio, newspaper, and commercial photography and editorial work. Mike provides professional real estate photography to both real estate and homes to sell photography for builders in Knoxville, TN. 


Mike ONeill Photography provides Commercial photography for the Knoxville area community. Digital photography captures the concepts and demonstrate the emotions that inspire customers to act. They enable you to sell a product or service such as advertising, editorial articles, and merchandising for a variety of industries.


The Internet is a vast medium that is without equal in its ability to reach so many minds globally and with little effort. Blogging gives a voice to information sharing; it is the instrument for reaching out with the latest news or Knoxville real estate photography trends. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with details and techniques of professional real estate photography.


"I prefer to use Mike because his photos help me to create an online story of the property. He takes the time to frame each shot and adjust things in the room. His experience allows each photo to show the home at its best.  I have had several buyers tell me it was the pictures that caught their attention and made them curious to see the home.  My listing clients appreciate the time that is taken for the photography and they feel that I am giving their property extra attention.  I recommend Mike every chance I can!"

Susan Calabrese, Realtor  CSP          Realty Executives Associates


Mike goes above and beyond to provide the Best photos in the industry. He is a joy to work with as he helps you make your client's home look beautiful and picture perfect. He will give you ideas as to how stage the home, makes suggestions, and helps organize the home for the photos. He is passionate about his work and is a team player. He takes the attitude of "my job is to help the Realtor sell the home therefore I put more effort into the finished product." I have worked with several photographers in the industry, his work and attitude outshine all of his competitors. I would never use anyone else!!! 

Liza Bryan Acheson, Realtor® ABR® Realty Executives Associates


About Mike ONeill Photography

I've been providing commercial photography for clients for over 30 years; much of my experience has been studio, newspaper and magazine editorial work, my responsibilities included editorial, marketing, and sports photography for a local Houston newspaper. I’ve always felt it my responsibility to help my clients, good professional photography helps my clients be successful and in turn provides me great satisfaction.



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